Review & Retain

After sales and service Messaging to drive reviews, surveys and service retention

Most digital reputation tools only care about reviews

Not us. Review & Retain super charges your reviews, OEM surveys and retention


Our proprietary review generating method not only increases positive reviews but also alerts your team when a shopper is unhappy.


The customizable survey reminder drives in more surveys taken with higher satisfaction scores allowing your dealership to keep additional money you've earned each month.


Retention plays a vital role in your dealerships success. Our unique approach to after sales and service keeps your customers coming back.

Fully Automated

After inital set-up, you never have to worry if follow-up is done. This system is designed to be hands-off. However, we still allow you to change the content, send times and anything else about your message automations at anytime.

After Sales

We know how important follow-up is after the sale. That's why we include 5 total follow-up messages that help drive reviews, survey awareness and service retention.

After Service

Service is where many dealerships struggle to keep up. Our solution includes Service at no additional cost. You get 5 total follow-up messages that help drive reviews, survey awareness and service retention.

Performance Metrics

While we don't pass data to our secure web application, we do allow you to see important metrics regarding send counts, review sentiments and buyer feedback.

Text Powered System

Using a 100% text based approach ensures your customers see the messages your dealer sends - up to 5 times more effective than email.

Secure Data Handling

Your data is securely sent by our Data Partner, DealerVault to our API feed that is cloud hosted within one of the largest and most secure platforms in the world.

Hot Alerts

Put out flames before they turn into a public fire. We provide an alert to your team when an issue is provided by an unhappy customer. Resolve, learn and improve without a negative review or survey.

Review & Retain

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OEM Dealer In Wisconsin - Launched May 2023
Franchise Dealer In New York - Launched May 2023
Franchise Dealer In Tennessee - Launched May 2023

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